Sunday, 16 September 2007


Esta foto, incluida no livro "A Day in the Life of Africa", foi tirada no Uganda.
It made me wonder: quantas familias assim existem, ou alguma vez terao existido, em Angola? Silly question?

Esta foto, incluida no livro "A Day in the Life of Africa", foi tirada no Uganda.
It made me wonder: quantas familias assim existem, ou alguma vez terao existido, em Angola? Silly question?


Kentke said...

Greetings Dear Sister~

Just a quick note, to offer you 'dois beijos', as today September 17th, we celebrate the birth date of 'our Beloved' Agostinho Neto. Isn't it auspicious that we connected during the season of his birth. And that when we did, we both held this great affection for him. I can't believe you met him....your photo is so youthful. (I hate to ask) How old were you?

I've been thinking about your suggestion of my adding a comment to your blog. I have mixed feelings about reparations, as I live extremely focused in the 'possibilities of the moment'. I am not one of those Africans born in America that is still laden with chains and bound to the misery of 200 years of slavery imposed upon my people. 200 years is a scant nothing in the continuum of Life, and especially when for most of those eons, people of my color and from my continent ruled, provided the dominant impetus for knowledge, and understanding of the cosmic, spiritual and natural world.

Many people here wave the flag of reparations as they sing their "The white man is the source of all our problems" blues/anthem. So I have not given it much serious attention. That is not to say however, that I don't support more being definitely done to atone for the loss, pain and suffering slavery caused. Saying you are sorry, and trying to show it in material ways could be a part of a healing process. But in my heart, I know that giving money, and land alone....will not be the answer.

Another issue to me is who should the reparations be paid to? The individuals here? How about the nations themselves that suffered the lose of some of the strongest and best of their population?

Reparations from this dominant culture are a tricky game. Many things have to be in place for the deliverance and transfer of wealth that we're talking about. And those elements just aren't present today.

I've studied Jews for years, and their dazzling feat of extracting more wealth from the nations of the world, rounding up much of their lost valuable art, and even winning damages against German industries for their 'slave' labor during WWII was awesome. But from my analysis, it was the result of long planning and covert moves, to place Jews in strategic places in the government and society, so that at every needed step of the process, someone was there to carry the ball and smooze the dominant group into acquiescence.

In my research, I once found a website that delineated how many Jews Clinton had in his administration. Because a man like Clinton being the President at the time, was pertinent to the process. In fact, it was his own, that's right, the U. S. Asst. Secretary of State, Stuart Eisenstadt, that negotiated the fund the compensated Jews. He was the most powerful of those positioned to accomplish this objective.Check this excerpt from a Salon article about how he used his position.

"Between 1996 and 1999, Under Secretary of State Stuart Eisenstadt pressed the CIA to release material regarding looted Jewish assets. This was when the topic gained international attention with the disclosures about gold stolen by the Nazis that eventually wound up in Swiss banks. "All we could pry loose were a few files and that was with the State Department leaning on them," recalls one person familiar with the process."

So you see Jews were in position in all branches of the government. You also had a president that would go along. The economy was strong, and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was seen as responsible for that. It was a wonderful coming together of synergistic forces that allowed the response to be Yes. And the Jews took it...and ran with it, knowing that it was simply a window of opportunity that might shut very quickly, and never open again. The media did not even 'lay on it' as it does on other provocative and controversial issues. Why not?....because they control the major media and news outlets in the U.S.

Does a similar united and coordinated thrust to recover the wealth and resources already legislated as ours exist within the American African community today? Not hardly. I don't even think that Obama could pull it off.

What do you think of what I've said here? Please feel free to say, Rubbish, or Bullshit!

Last point......I don't see my family story as a reparations issue. I see it as an inheritance claim, as I know the ancestor, and his son would be my great grandmother's half brother. So I (in a perfect world) would be seeking my portion of the family wealth.

In truth I don't think much about reparations.

I know that my wealth is within me, and that like the diamonds and oil of Angola, all I have to do is dig deep, and keep my focus internally directed. Out of what I Am and I've been given as qualities, talents and abilities....if I am grateful, and polish and refine my gifts, surely they will provide well for me.

Dois Beijos Menina.
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p.s. Love your music! Who was I listening to on Sunday, 9-16-07?
Where on the blog does it give the name of the 'artist of the day'?
Your blog website is gorgeous...the music/art/graphics.
How about an English translation for the Portugues so I can direct more people there?

....did I say 'just a quick note?

My Life is so Rich, and so is my world.


...existiram, existem, pouquissima! Se de um lado uns (umas) deixaram-se levar pela poligamia/poliandria ficando altamente restrito o tempo "free" em família, outros que ainda preservam os chamados "bons valores de familia" sentem-se presos pela dinámica actual da vida, que impoe uma correria louca em torno do capital - mesmo quando este se restringe ao mínimo para garantir, pãó, sáude e teto. se restringirmos Angola á Luanda, a situação é mais grave ainda: quando os pais saem á serviço do capital os petizes estão em sono profundo, quando retornam o quadro se repete, dai a razão de um filho ter causado grande perturbação ao pai diante da pergunta: " Pai, o pai não mora mais aqui em casa né? porque o pai só vem aos sábados?...

Canadiano said...

Silly question? I don't think so, but you can bet that many “good and decent” people, of the kind that go to church and pray everyday will call it a “racist” question. Sad, but that’s reality.

Koluki said...


Seja benvinda a este espaco!
Concordo plenamente com as suas observacoes e muito obrigada por partilhar connosco uma visao da questao com tanta sensibilidade a partir de Luanda (onde suponho se encontra).

Um beijo e volte sempre!

Koluki said...

Canadiano: it’s precisely reality that makes me raise this sort of question, even if the price I have to pay is to be called a “racist”… after all I’ve long become used to it.

No, entanto, como o comentario da amiga Ana o demonstra bem, ha' outras interpretacoes e respostas possiveis a essa questao...

Um abraco!

Koluki said...

P.S.: Querida Ana, acabei de dar um pulinho ao seu blog, onde pude constatar que de facto escreve de Luanda!
Nao imagina a alegria que e' para mim pela primeira vez receber um comentario de UMA BLOGGER ANGOLANA!!!

Koluki said...

Dear Kentke,

I cannot thank you enough for your comment...
Yes, today is 'Dia do Heroi Nacional' em Angola, in homage to Agostinho Neto and I reciprocate your 2 beijos for that. In fact, I and most Angolans feel a special affection for him and all he represented and still represents for our country.
I met him when I was 16/17 or thereabouts...
There is however something that has to be mentioned in relation to his political and historical legacy, which has affected thousands of Angolans, specially of my generation. I would rather not talk about it here and now, but you can read on it in this post:
As for the music: you were listening (and still are) to Gloria Bosman, about whom you can find out more in this website:

You can always find the songs currently playing either in posts still on the front page or in the section 'Pebbles' on the bottom of the page, under 'Pearls' or 'Spirited Sounds Words & Images'...

I cannot, unfortunately, promise a translation of everything from Portuguese to English, but I'm available to translate bits and bobs upon request. But you can always direct more people here because there's quite a lot of posts in English and there are online translation devices that can be used by whoever might need them.

Many thanks for your cumpliments to the blog and for sharing a bit of your Rich World with us!

Dois Beijos e Ate' Sempre!


Olá meu caro, andamos de facto nessa "urbe laundesis" e entre os agitos do dia-a-dia buscamos na palavra e nas letras o bálsamo terapéutico!! Grande abraço e |Estamos Juntos!!

Koluki said...

Ola' Ana!
De facto ai na Lua esse e' o melhor, senao o unico, balsamo terapeutico... tenho disso a experiencia.
Mas, minha mana, nao sou "caro", ate' porque sou xara', tb. me chamo Ana. Mas nao es a primeira pessoa que cai nesse equivoco e acho que isso se deve ao logo que escolhi para este blog que e' "gender neutral"... suponho que isso tb. estara' por tras de algumas "investidas" indesejadas e que nao desejo a ninguem a que tenho sido sujeita, por isso vou muda-lo assim que encontre um digno substituto!
Anyway, abraco e estamos juntas!